For the last 50 years, we have been working towards simplifying and increasing the reliability of the validation process and the analysis of our customers’ materials.

Whether it is for the raw material, the finished product, or for research purposes, over many years we have been developing machinery, consumables and methods to enable our customers to go even further.

The business ecosystem that we create between our suppliers and our customers results in a win-win situation for everyone. Our expertise, our research and development benefit from the regular exchanges and communication we are able to have with our partners.

Thanks to our subsidiaries and our extensive commercial network, we are here to provide support to our customers, no matter where they are located in the world, as well as being able to facilitate the flow and share of best practice.



Achieved by combining quality control, strict compliance with standards and the careful selection local suppliers (with contractors located within a 100km radius of Grenoble).


The integration of spare parts at our production site, allows for maximum responsiveness and excellent customer care, provided by our fully trained distributors.


Process management is constantly enhanced by our responsive R&D team, supported by the expertise of our in-house Laboratory staff.


The entire production line and manufacturing control of all our machinery takes place in our Grenoble based workshops.

100 % FRENCH

100 % FRENCH


50 years of experience in controlling the development process, manufacturing, distribution of our appliances and machines in the field of metallography. 

PRESI it's 50 years of experience in the field of metallography: 

- Control of process development, manufacturing, distribution. 

- Pole research and development in order to have an ever more sophisticated technical expertise. 

The quality of services of PRESI is identifiable at conception. 


PRESI evolving to be at the height of its new challenges in the field of metallurgy. Metallurgy has many different businesses in constant evolution. 

PRESI evolving to be at the height of its new technological challenges metallographic measurement right from the cutting through polishing and hardness tests. To be closer to the current needs of the metallurgy market, PRESI anticipates tomorrow needs enriching its range of machines and consumables. 


PRESI develops while choosing to remain a human-sized company. Encouraging initiatives. By valuing individual potential to create an overall dynamic. 

PRESI is concerned with the human, technical and organizational work. It is by enhancing overall dynamic initiatives that each is made and allows PRESI to be a leader in its field of application.