Established in 1961 in France, PRESI is recognised as one of the leading global players in the manufacturing and distribution of machines and consumables in the field of metallography. 

PRESI offers a complete range that answers to all the metallographic preparation steps of a sample: cutting, mounting, polishing, hardness and microscopy.

As a top performer in quality control and material analyses, PRESI machines and consumables set themselves apart by their quality and highly technical specifications, in response to increasingly stringent requirements.

The strength of PRESI lies in its expertise, its flexibility, its responsiveness,

 and its impeccable customer service. 

We pay attention to the requests and challenges of our customers, irrespective of the size of 

the company or the industry sector from which the request arises.


MTM 코퍼레이션(주)는 세계적인 Metallography 관련 제품 제작 업체 중 하나인 France의 PRESI S.A. 의 폴리싱 머신, 그라인딩 머신, 컷팅 머신, 마운팅 프레스 등 시편 전처리 장비들과 연마액, 연마포 같은 관련 소모품들, 그리고 독일 소재 업체인 Montech GmbH 의 ODR, MDR, Mooney Viscometer 등의 최고급 고무 물성 시험기들을 국내에 공급하고 있어, 이제는 금속, 플라스틱, 고분자, 세라믹 및 Coating 분야 뿐만 아니라 고무재료까지 거의 전 산업 분야에 걸쳐 재료의 물리적 성질과 관련된 시험/측정기기 분야에 있어서 세계 최고 수준의 각종 물성 시험기기들을 공급하고 있습니다.


  • The one and only French manufacturer of metallography machines
  • Machinery designed in-house by our R&D department
  • The milling of parts, the assembly of machines and consumables, pre-shipment inspection, customer service… all carried out in our Grenoble based headquarters.


While PRESI is constantly expanding, it remains a people sized company encouraging initiative, valuing individual potential and respecting the individuality of each team member. This in turn gives a dynamic structure to our business. Expertise and creativity… the PRESI team is made up a group of highly skilled and committed staff. The guarantee of constantly high quality products.